Gram Yo Selfie

GRAM YO SELFIE — Zumiez Best Foot Forward Winners

Zumiez held their annual Best Foot Forward national Am Finals a couple weeks ago in San Francisco, so we figured, why not force the top three winners to make the drive down to LA and see how they handle your Insta requests? (Hey, if you wanna have a decent future in skateboarding, you’ve gotta get used to spending a quarter of your life in a tour van and learning how to shake the dreaded carthritis on command. It ain’t all fun and games! Well, then again, it sort of is…) From the looks of how they handled this Gram Yo Selfie, get used to seeing these dudes around in the future. 1st place: Chris Wimer; 2nd place: Corey Huber; 3rd place: Jon Cosentino

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