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I went to Hong Kong for the first time in 2004 and on that trip I was fortunate enough to meet Brian Siswojo who owns the skateshop out there, 8Five2. Back then the scene was relatively small for a booming metropolis like Hong Kong, with there only being one skatepark and only a couple handfuls of guys rounding out their core skate scene. Brian and his best friend Warren Stuart have been skating for well over 20 years and that passion has evolved into growing their skate community by doing local contests, getting big name tours to come through Hong Kong and helping get 7 new skateparks built. That support has not only grown an awesome skate scene, but it’s also grown awesome skateboarders. In particular Chun Chai, who is featured in this piece. He’s won many contests including an Asian X-Games and Element’s “Make It Count” contest, which won him a trip to The Berrics last year. His success story isn’t just about his accomplishments and accolades though. It’s also about the perpetuation of growing and sharing the joys that Brian and Warren have gotten from skateboarding, which helped nurture Chun Chai’s love for it and how he’d like to continue that legacy of supporting a solid skate community in Hong Kong. – Eric Koston This video was made as part of a collaboration between 8Five2 & WEREHAUS

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