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Ishod Wair on skateboarding, photography and more (One Roll With)

In Abel Kleinblatt’s video podcast series, ‘One Roll With,’ he sits down for an intimate conversation with none other than skateboarding virtuoso Ishod Wair to hear his foray into the realm of photography, delving into the pivotal moments and inspirations that sparked this creative journey. The discussion expands beyond the lens, encompassing both social media dynamics and the intersection of skateboarding and Ishod’s life, as well as his distinctive approach to photography. Rather than conforming to established settings or replicating others’ techniques, Ishod finds solace and excitement in the process of self-discovery. He articulates a preference for navigating the uncharted territories of his craft, methodically determining the best way to capture moments through the lens. This exploration reflects not only his artistic ethos but also his commitment to authenticity and innovation in every facet of his creative endeavors similar to his skateboarding.

Check out some projects we’ve done with Ishod, below:

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