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Gustav Tønnesen’s ‘This is Not The New Sour Video’

Renowned for his supernatural skateboarding abilities on the board and creative genius behind the lens, Gustav Tønnesen, a name that resonates with excellence in skateboarding, filming, and artistry, has premiered his latest video project on Free Skate Mag. Tønnesen pulls double duty yet again, masterfully amassing clips in front of and behind the lens capturing the creativity of Tyler Surrey, Vincent Huhta, Oscar Candon, Nisse Ingemarsson, Josef Scott Jatta, Axel Berggren, and Martin Sandberg in some lesser seen spots of Barcelona, Peñiscola, Badalona, and beyond.

No longer confined to the conventional spots, Gustav and his crew venture into uncharted territory, unveiling an array of seemingly mundane yet captivating locations. Collaborations with other remarkable skaters like Tyler Surrey weave a tapestry that highlights the eye-catching architecture of Spain.

While the video features a bevy of Sour Solution riders, let’s let this one thing be clear… This is NOT the New Sour Video. As Gustav puts it, “It’s not a Sour video because I wanted Tyler Surrey to have the ender and he doesn’t skate for Sour,” which is completely understandable… After all, who wouldn’t want Tyler Surrey to have the ender in every video??

Watch Gustav Tønnesen’s “This Is Not The New Sour Video,” filmed and edited by Gustav Tønnesen with additional filming by Nisse Ingemarsson, above!

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