The ‘A Happy Medium’ Crew Lock It Down In These Quarantine Clips

The A Happy Medium crew, consisting  of John Motta, Jason Park, Jeff Stevens, Johnrob Moore, Kilian Martin, Jordan Rommel, Derek Tracy, Ricky Glaser, Hunter O’Shea, and Buster O’Shea put together one of our most memorable United Nations edits last year, back when we could all coexist in the same 30,000 square foot space. And sicnce March, when the pandemic hit the fan, it has been good to see that each of them have been keeping busy—selfie-style. AHM cut all of the quarantined clips from each skater (plus Marshall Winter and Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki) and uploaded the 17-minute compilation yesterday. This selfie-filmed 17-minute compilation will inoculate your COVID blues.

Watch socially distant edit above, and buy the O’Sheas’ A Happy Medium 5 full-length at the A Happy Medium site!

Watch A Happy Medium’s United Nations below:

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