‘Hopefuls & Nopefuls’ Features Nike SB’s Team Not Training For The Olympics

Nike SB‘s team is distinctive in that there is a heavy ration of Olympics contenders on the worldwide squad. Champs like Nyjah Huston and Yuto Horigome are eyeing the 2020 Games like it’s a perfect round rail at an adandoned schoolyard on a 72-degree day with zero wind. On the other hand, the brand recognizes that many of their riders couldn’t care less about competing on the world’s stage, and would rather concentrate on their own personal podiums—the ones that come with medals for having fun and living la vida patineta.

In ‘Hopefuls & Nopefuls,’ Nike SB’s Yuto Horigome, Grant Taylor, Nyjah Huston, Ishod Wair, Hayley Wilson, Donovon Piscopo, and Nicole Hause focus on having a good time in the blissful eye of the storm before Tokyo training truly commences. Enjoy it while you can!

Check out some of Nike SB’s past projects with us below:

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