Watch Tony Hawk Put His Indy Titanium 149 Trucks To The Test

Our Battle Commander Tony Hawk shares his truck preference in the latest edition of Independent’s ‘My Indys’ series. The 51-year-old legend says he puts together a new setup every 2 weeks, so at this point he just eyeballs the distance between the top of the kingpin and the nut and gets to work—no breaking in necessary. And, after four decades at the top, Hawk has his truck routine down pat.

In the video, he also mentions that his son Keegan was called to the prinicipal’s office because of the Independent shirt he was wearing: “He didn’t realize the fine print… ‘Ride the best, fuck the rest.’” (Sure he didn’t.)

Check out the event of last summer: Tony Hawk Week! If you missed it you can still watch all of the videos (plus Hawk’s “Do a Kickflip!” which gives all of us elephantitis of the kickflip) below.

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