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Dear reader,

Welcome to Berrics Magazine, issue #1!

Berrics Magazine will feature culturally relevant content, writing, reviews, op-ed pieces, and interviews, and will still have an extreme focus on beautiful photography, great paper, and a good size. Shortly after it reaches the subscribers you will be able to find it, in full, digitally. Features in Berrics Magazine will be repurposed, augmented, and spread throughout the month across all platforms to get the maximum amount of exposure for everyone’s hard work, thus allowing the focus to be on stronger, fewer programs instead of what has become the norm of running more fragmented, weaker ones. As you can see, we are very much committed to print.

It is an exciting time for refinement and purpose for us. Additionally, we have been working tirelessly for the past seven months to revamp the way our website works. A major area we’ve focused on is solving one of the most common complaints in this current digital climate: important videos or video parts are being forgotten about within a day or two. With the site’s revamp, we’ll be integrating everything across every platform in all of skateboarding, not just the “Berrics” universe. For the world of skateboarding to grow we have to look beyond our own egos and universe and create something that encompasses the entirety of skateboarding culture, not just what The Berrics create. I think we can all agree it’s time for something like that. 

We enjoyed putting this magazine together for you. Now scoop up your copy in The Canteen and get familiar with the Next New Wave!


steve berra

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