Street Plant Introduces Mila Graye

Street Plants welcomes Mila Graye as their newest addition to the skateboarding team marking an exciting chapter for the brand. With their new young ripper with an impressive display of transition skills, Mila brings a fresh and dynamic approach to the team. Her remarkable board control is evident as she confidently executes airs and fearlessly launches into massive disasters, showcasing a level of skill that aligns perfectly with Street Plant’s commitment to pushing boundaries in the skateboarding world.

Mila Graye’s style on the board not only reflects technical prowess but also an undeniable passion for the sport. Her presence adds a vibrant energy to the team, inspiring both her fellow riders and fans alike. As a young and promising skater, Mila embodies the spirit of innovation and progression that will help define her.

The future indeed looks bright for Street Plant, as they continue to foster a culture of creativity, skill, and camaraderie within the world of skateboarding. Mila Graye’s journey with Street Plant is sure to be filled with collaborative projects, and an enduring commitment to the core values of the skateboarding lifestyle.

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