MAXALLURE — Skateboard Company

2018 is seeing the birth of its first new skateboard company. And it’s one that should definitely be on your radar. Karl Watson and Nick Lockman unveiled Maxallure via its new Instagram page this afternoon. Karl is one of the most respected pros of all time. And Nick was the guy behind DGK’s branding up until last year. Both are alumni of San Francisco’s infamous EMB crew. Combined, all of those factors should instantly get you excited about this new brand. The team consists of Karl, Lil Dre, Jonathan Perez, De Marquis McDaniels, Tafari Whitter, and Marcello Campanello. Have a look at Maxallure’s inaugural Instagram post below. The product will be shipping on March 5.

In 1986 I met Nick Lockman and he introduced me to the world of Skateboarding. From that moment I never looked back. After working alongside each other all of these years, the stars have aligned! We are excited to announce Maxallure Skateboards. Our mission is to bring together our years of passion, perseverance and love of Skateboarding to create something truly unique. This brand is a platform for young talented individuals to continue the legacy. It’s a family affair. – Karl Watson

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