Watch Hop King’s Jamie Griffin & Alex Decunha In The ‘Clash Of The Kings’ Final

One of Battle At The Berrics 12‘s most highly anticipated battles is between new pro Jamie Griffin and OG “Joe” Jonny Giger. (But it looks like we’ll have to wait a while, huh?) If you want a taste of what Griff-dog is bringing to the flatground table, you’ve gotta watch Hop King’s ‘Clash Of The Kings’ final match which pits him against teammate Alex Decunha. We lost track of how many tricks these guys landed in the long-ass game (the unedited version is 15 minutes of nonstop flat magic); these guys deserve the title of king, that’s for sure. And, top it all off, these judges are brutal! No one is getting away with anything substandard here. Watch the match, above!

Oh, and Giger is waiting for you Griff-boogie. You had better research the below video and start looking for weaknesses now…

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