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‘The Nine Club’ Interviews BATB 12’s Chris Chann

The Nine Club sat down with Battle At The Berrics 12 competitor (and BATB 7: Pros Vs. Joes veteran) Chris Chann for the latest 3 hour+ long episode. In the interview, Chann shares his memories of growing up in Echo Park (you know, the neighborhood with the lake that appears in hella Hollywood movies); how he started skateboarding; his YouTube career, and how it felt to get his first official YouTube check (and how it felt to get demonetized); the Cinderella story moment when he beat Chris Cole in BATB 7 (see below); the repercussions of being pigeonholed as a “YouTube skater”; how he got sponsored by Adidas, and how it felt when he finally started getting that three stripes money; getting in with Jimmyhat Fallon and Casey Neistat; what he looks for in the almighty brand deal; and why the fuck it took him a year to land a switch backside 360 flip. Watch the super long episode, above, and stay tuned for Chann’s round 2 matchup against Lil Dre, coming soon!

We started featuring Chann in 2014, and he has since become a bona fide star. Check out some of his projects with us, below:

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