Jamie Griffin Breaks Skateboarding Guinness World Records

Hop King, the London based board brand, is now home to quite a few new Guinness World Records. BATB 12 Champion Jamie Griffin not only has his name written in our history book, but now he’s the owner of two official Guinness World Records for the most flatgroud heelflips and varial heelflips in one minute, respectively. Griffin wasn’t the only skater to get in on the action. Alex DeCunha earned a plaque himself for doing the most blindfolded kickflips in one minute along with some other members of the Hop King crew for various records including most flatground nollie heelflips in one minute and the most half-Cab blunt stalls in one minute.

Watch the full video to find out what the new World Record is for each feat, above, and check out some of our videos that we’ve done with Jamie Griffin, below!

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