We had the pleasure of interviewing Jenn Soto after her 2nd place Dew Tour Long Beach finish last month, so we already know first-hand that the girl can talk. And talk she does on Skullcandy‘s latest hour-long episode of its "You Feel Me?" podcast. As the host, Lee Shaner, gets to know Soto, you can’t help but feel that she’s bringing a unique perspective to the game. Her insights are gold, and she relates a story about her London Street League victory that will give you a contact high:

I used to smoke weed, whatever… but I had stopped because at these contests they’re gonna start drug testing. I would feel so dumb if I lost my dream job [because of it]. So, [now] I smoke CBD flower; CBD’s good for you. That morning [of the London flight] I went roll up [some flower], but someone had left a real nug on my tray—so I accidentally got stoned and took my roommate’s skateboard… I had the wrong setup, it was my first time leaving the country. I was just all riled up that morning!

To hear how this crazy anecdote ends, listen to her episode. Then read our interview with Soto for a little more background.

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