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Heath Kirchart Remanences with Tony Hawk on The Hawk vs Wolf Podcast

Heath Kirchart put out his final video part, disappeared from professional skateboarding in 2011. Apart from his 2017 EPICLY LATER’D episodes, he’s been an enigma in the industry, successfully dodging the limelight and any public appearance presented to him. Until now… The living legend finally sits down with Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis on The Hawk vs Wolf podcast to talk remanence with The Birdman about Birdhouse days, why he walked away from professional skateboarding, “The End”, how he survived sinking at sea, injuries, old birdhouse tour stories, why he worked as a pizza delivery man and bartender, how much he still skates now, his stance on social media, and much, much more.

The Berrics and Heath go way back, check out some of our videos with him, below!

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