Jeremie Daclin Left Something In Barcelona

While everyone else was in Majorca, Jérémie Daclin‘s company, Film Trucks, organized a vacation with Wall St. to Barcelona. But MACBA was too crowded so the crew hit up some little-known curb spots in the city. That’s right: 2022 is the year of curb tourism. Check out the edit, above, and read the brand’s manifesto here:

“This is real Vacation. No Team riders to take care of. Now Bosses can relax and Skate. Wall Street, ABS Grenoble, and Film trucks’ owners went on a few days trip to Barcelona to enjoy STREET LiFE. With Fred Avec2D, Ben PermanentVacation, Jeremie Daclin, Bastien Marlin, fred YeahLeYeah, Luy-Pa Sin. Filmed by Everydody and edited by Bastien Regeste.”

Film is synonymous with slappys, and The Berrics have been known to dabble in the art of the slappy over the years as well. Watch some of our low-pro projects, below:

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