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Bye Jeremy Premieres “bustell”

Jump feet first into the latest video offering from the Paris-based brand, Bye Jeremy, in “bustell.” While the brand doesn’t have a traditional “team,” the heavy roster for ‘bustell’ features some French favorites and some stars from overseas with Ishod Wair, Carlisle Aikens, Erik Herrera, Christian Henry, Olli Lilja, Luca Barattiero, Thaynan Costa, Benji Silva, and many more.

Established in 2019 within the lively suburbs of Paris, Bye Jeremy has evolved from a daring clothing experiment to a powerhouse skateboarding brand that blends nostalgia with an unapologetic passion for punk rock and skate culture. Bye Jeremy seems to effortlessly capture the essence of modern-day skate scenes, with a rebellious twist that embraces the mischievous spirit of the early 2000s.

Learn more about Bye Jeremy and it’s founder as Pocket Skate Mag links up with creator David De Los Santos and the Bye Jeremy crew to get a closer look at the brand as well as peak behind the scenes of the process of their new video “bustell.”

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