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In the annals of memorable goodbyes, Jerry Gurney‘s Blood Wizard kiss-off provides a steady stream of satisfaction. The Instagram clip, featuring a healthy looking evacuation (presumably direct from the groin chakras of the Devil’s Lettuce G himself), and an overlay expressing, “I quit – find another Jerry Gunrey,” is the ultimate peace out.

A couple of takeaways, though: Those trucks seemed to be perfectly broken in, and it would be a shame to get them doused in piss (we doubt that Gurney gives a f*ck); the video seems to cut out abruptly, leaving many unanswered questions. Regardless, this must have been a relief for Gurney. Of course, the world wants to know all the dirty details about the split—Blood Wizard has been so closely tied to Gurney’s image, for many older heads this will probably feel like when Hensley left H-Street.

Reading the comments in this post, there seems to be an inordinate amount of concern over how Gurney is going to make ends meet. These concerned commenters are missing the point; Gurney wasn’t exactly sticking with Blood Wizard for the 401k.

Gurney may have created the perfect meme for this dense era of social media in skateboarding. If your eyes glaze over from looking at the disingenuous self-promotion, false enthusiasm, and painfully transparent attempts at humble bragging, the homie just puts it all out there, demonstrating that… when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Here’s Gurney’s full caption from yesterday’s post:

The true spirit can never be confined by corporate overlords stand against the system and piss in its face. Ill never stop. Jerry Gurney progresses into the future while weakness is shedded. Dont care if you support me think for yourself. That is the true nature of what i do im not one of you and im very fucking proud of that. Go to hell and fuck @blood_wizard

For another clever peace out, revisit Rodrigo TX’s DGK exit, via Instagram in 2016.

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