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WORDS: Stu Gomez

Skateism Mag launched its premier issue in January as the world’s first diversity skateboarding magazine, with the mission statement, “Supporting the underground and the overlooked.” Over the course of two issues the mag has lived up to its promise, eschewing the standard skate fodder and focusing on some truly unique individuals who are forging a new path in this overwhelming macho culture (sorry about it).

A couple of days ago, Skateism dropped a two-fer featuring Cher Strauberry and Peach Sørensen: “Strauberry Peach.” Because it stars two LGBTQ+ riders, this video will undoubtedly be viewed as a major turning point in our culture. As far as we know, this energetic video is the first project of its kind. Honestly, it’s refreshing to see these skaters getting theirs in the streets; we can’t remember when a skate video took so many risks while feeling completely natural.

And, to be a little extra honest: everyone is fed up with lip service. You either bring diversity or you just yap about diversity. By highlighting little-known LGBTQ+ artists and skaters, Skateism is rebuilding a damaged image that skateboarding has somewhat earned over the years. And thanks to this amazing mag, The Berrics is looking forward to learning more about what we don’t know about skateboarding today.

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