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Josh Kalis Adds Replica Pyramid Ledge to Grand Rapids Skate Plaza

Josh Kalis made some adjustments to his one-of-a-kind indoor skate plaza in Grand Rapids, MI. Not only is the park complete with real granite from LOVE park, but now it’s sporting a replica of the iconic pyramid ledges in New York City, New York… Not to mention the giant DC ring that he received in the mail like Darren Parker in A Christmas Story. Be careful Kalis, that ring is “Fra-gee-lay.”

Check out the additions to the park and a ton of skating from a gang of fresh faces featuring Gabe Schuch, Zach May, Landon Musgrave, Justo Maldonado, Mike Hoag, Carson Oliver, John Tod, and Ben Patrick, in “Mystery Box,” filmed and edited by Mikey Callender.

Don’t miss our epic “Life on Video” documentary on Josh Kalis, below!

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