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Josh Kalis Skates with DGK Team in Michigan

Josh Kalis shows Slew & Sway what Grand Rapids has to offer.

Dirty Ghetto Kids Collin Slew and Josue “Sway” Dosouto took “DGK ALL DAY!” quite literally in the brands latest “247” video, spending 24 hours on the road on a skate trip through the middle of America. As the trip came to a close, the pair arrived at Grand Rapids, Michigan to link up and skate with the legendary Josh Kalis in Episode 6 – “Pit Stop.” The crew embraces the journey to see what Grand Rapids has to offer. From Josh’s incredible indoor skatepark with real LOVE park granite, to hitting the lake for some off the board hijinks, DGK sure knows how to have a good time.

Watch DGK’s “Pit Stop” and “247”, above, and check out some of our projects with DGK, below!

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