KENNY ANDERSON — Crailtap Pro Picks

Kenny Anderson recently stopped by Crailtap for the latest Pro Picks. During his product selection, he reveals how he got his his nickname at the at the 1:33 mark.

“So Skittles, my name on Instagram and all that, is from an old breaking crew that I was in, in Las Vegas. Rick Howard, on the Hot Chocolate tour, we used to get Sour Skittles from the gas station. And then, he wrote on Crailtap, ‘Who deserves the name Skittles more, Kenny or Rick?’ And then, my friend wrote in and told this whole long story about how I was in a breakdancing crew. Cause I didn’t tell anybody. And then, Rick woke me up that morning to, ‘Skittles, Skittles, Skittles.’ And from that point on, I’m Skittles.”

It’s hard to believe that Kenny was a serious breakdancer in his younger days. But he shows the world his skills at the end of the clip, which is worth watching in and of itself.

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