Krux Trucks Drops New Enzo Cautela Part

Krux’s Enzo Cautela is a mystery man, and he somehow dropped a surprise 4-minute part this morning full of lines and bangers. Photographer Tyler Youd gives you a brief synopsis below:

“First, he kickflipped Emage 20 in Denver, and then he hardflipped the Tommy Guns 20 in his ‘Flow to Pro’ part. Now, where’s the Vegas Pro, Enzo Cautela? No one knows. He won’t go out to get his phone turned on because of the coronavirus. With masked-up flights between America and Australia, XBOX Live, and vegan meals, Enzo found time to flip in and out of some foreign ledges and huck down some pretty gnarly gaps for his new Krux part. For years, many reference his death-defying hardflip but just wait for the tre bomb. From his tech shenanigans to the heavy-hitting hammers, just know Enzo Fux with Krux.” —Tyler Youd

Check out Cautela’s 2019 Bangin, below:

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