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Leo Bodelazzi: Venture Trucks Part

Leo Bodelazzi’s part for Venture Trucks just dropped on Free Skate Mag. Carrying the torch of Chocolate Skateboards comes with high standards, showcasing style, trick execution, and spot selection that complement the brand’s origins, giving skateboarding a nostalgic vibe. Bodelazzi effortlessly skates the crustiest spots, making them appear as smooth as marble. Whether he’s skating switch or regular, it’s hard to tell, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Filmed & Edited:
By Pekka Løvås

Addition Filmers:
John Marello, Lucas Marques, Pedro Biagio, Hugo Blender, Bruno Dox, Felix Soto, Tanner Cudney, Eric Iwakura, Canaan Hernandez, Felipe Humphreys, Dan Stolling, Matt Schleyer, Robin Wilson, Tanner Rowe

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