‘LA Times’ Sends Loveletter to Jeff Grosso

It’s shocking to think that it has already been one year since Jeff Grosso, the reliably outspoken skate critic and historian, passed away in his home at 51 years old. The LA Times remembers the legend in its mini-doc ‘Who Is Jeff Grosso?’ that premiered today, and it includes an impressive cast of interviewees and little-seen footage of the man from the early stages of his career. Predictably, Tony Hawk plays a big role in the production (he and Grosso have been tight for decades), and he shares a succinct appraisal of what made Grosso such a valuable figure:

“His presence and devotion to skating’s integrity is really what carried through all these years.”

This video is remarkably well-done and will give you goosebumps when you see his breakneck skating paired with his affable manner that we all know so well from the eleven seasons of his fantastic ‘Loveletters To Skateboarding’ series. Watch it, above.

By the way, check out our special photo feature by Dave Swift, who has had the pleasure of working closely with Grosso for over 40 years, here, and read some heartfelt condolences from skaters whom Grosso has touched, directly or indirectly, during his epic lifetime in the below Instagram post. His unique, honest voice will be sorely missed. RIP Jeff Grosso: 1968-2020.


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