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LEVI’S PRESENTS — Skateboarding in India – Episode 3

Levi’s helped build the first, free, public-use skatepark in India! What started as a crew of 10 people building a small mini-ramp for some kids in India, turned into what the locals in India called “The Epic Build.” 34 skateboarders, media, and content capturers converged to support the mission of a group of skateboarders called “Holystoked,” who want to ignite a skateboarding scene in India. Levi’s brought professional skateboarders, media, some employees, and building crews from 10 cities, 7 countries, and 4 continents together as one family to make this project happen. It was an authentically Levi’s approach to support skateboarding and skateboarders. Adam Binette, from Levi’s Merchandising had a few words about the Skateboarding Collection: Europe had been running a successful, exclusive line for skateboard shops called “Streetwear,” we then came in last year with our Nike collaboration, and it all led up to making a global Levi’s Red Tab offering, designed by skateboarders, for skateboarders, sold exclusively at skateboard shops. The exclusivity is not only in the distribution, but also in the product details. Erik Wolsky, from Levi’s Marketing spoke about the Holystoked project: The approach was simple for us – support the shops, individuals and communities that are entrenched in skateboarding. The India project was the physical manifestation of this idea, and it will only continue. The appeal of India was that we were able to reach all over the globe in support of a larger cause – bringing skateboarding culture to the rest of the world. Holystoked is a group of kids from India who love skateboarding and want their life to be about skateboarding. India currently lacks a following, but these kids are intent on creating a thriving industry there. It was an easy pitch to get guys to hop on the project and help the Holystoked kids go after their dream. The park continues to run, offering skateboarding lessons to children in the community – and even English classes! Check them out on Facebook, what they’re doing is amazing!

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