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Favorite Skateboards Presents ‘Passion Drive’

With their shared United just a few months ago, it’s pretty evident that Daniel Ledermann and Matheus Du Bronks have unbelievable chemistry in the streets. But this time, the duo takes their crew of teammates on Favorite Skateboards for a stroll down ‘Passion Drive.’ Featuring Daniel Ledermann, Matheus Du Bronks, Anton Wessely, Fiona Wessely, Nehemia Tesfai, Valentin Ott, Simon Rider, Thomas Eckert, Michel Funke, Lean Glass, and Egzon Saliti, you might want to sit down and grab some snacks for this bangin’ 8 minute edit, filmed by Julian Lopez, Bruno Rocha, Daniel Ledermann, Julezmeier, Nico Uhler, Daniel Black, Peter Mader, Bennet Rahm, Elias Peter, Marc Bolhuis, Rodrigo de Andrade, Alexandre Maia, and Fernando Dent, now playing on Pocket Skate Mag

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