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Lil Wayne Interviewed By Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis on Hawk vs Wolf

Lil Wayne is debatably the greatest rapper alive, but what isn’t up for debate is that he IS 100% Skateboarder. Famously ignoring the Grammy Afterparty to watch skate videos on his phone, the rap superstar has not hidden his love for skateboarding from the mainstream culture. In his latest affectionate expression, Weezy sits down with Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis to share his skateboarding history on the Hawk vs Wolf podcast.
Wayne shares how he started skating from seeing Alex Midler on camp Woodward, learning to skate on his rooftop ramp, which lead to his indoor skatepark in Miami, getting kicked out while street skating at 4am, how skateboarding clears his head, what it meant to go pro, working on his skate team video, music rights in skate parts and skaters using his music in parts, how he recovers from skate sessions, performing on tour with stitches from a skate injury, learning kickflips out of banks, skating a spot in Barcelona because of the THPS game, the story of getting mobbed with high five and hugs after landing a trick in the streets of Spain, and much, much more.

Watch the full episode, above, and make sure to subscribe to the Hawk vs Wolf YouTube Channel for more!

Check out Lil Wayne’s BANGIN!, “Sorry for the Sk8” Part, and his Pro surprise at The Primitive Park, below!

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