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‘DEVOTED’ DOCUMENTARY — Latest From LB Project’s Lucas Beaufort

Lucas Beaufort, the artist known for his distinctive skate mag embellishments and as the founder of LB Project, has been hard at work on DEVOTED—a new project highlighting the future of print-based skate media. Traveling to Europe, the U.S., and Australia to meet some of the most influential names in skateboard media [The Berrics and The Skateboard Mag are featured], Beaufort is taking a keen interest in tracking what a realistic future for print will look like.

“I decided to pay a tribute to people who spent their lives documenting skateboarding,” Beaufort says. “The writers, photographers, and brands [that] built it all together for over 30 years now.”

DEVOTED focuses on three key periods: the ’90s through 2000; 2000 through the present; and a projection for print media in the next ten years. DEVOTED is coming in summer 2017, check out the trailer here.

DEVOTED features Giovanni Reda, Trent Evans, Tony Vitello, Michael Burnett, Eric Swisher, Mark Whiteley, Brad Staba, Guy Mariano, Mike Mo, Steve Berra, Patrick O’Dell, Dave Swift, Jaime Owens, Skin Phillips, Kevin Marks, Dave Chami, Ando, Ryan Clements, Josh Stewart, Masafumi Kajitani, Benjamin Deberdt, Elliott Templeton, Al Boglio, Peter Smolik, Paul Schmitt, Chad Muska, Dave Carnie, Josh Friedberg, Keith Hufnagel, Mackenzie Eisenhour, Mike Blabac, Lance Mountain, Marc Johnson, PJ Ladd, Remy Stratton, Mike Kershnar, Alex Irvine, Mikko Kempas, Sami Valikangas, Trent Fahey, Roland Hoogwater, and Oliver Percovich.

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