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Mark Suciu Drops Mega Story Compilation

Mark Suciu stacks so much footage on the regular it’s hard to keep up with. Some of his Instagram clips that periodically bless our feed are almost good enough alone for another SOTY run. Luckily, Suciu put together a full compilation of his best Instagram Story post for us all to enjoy. These clips are way too good to only be seen for 24 hours…

Watch Mark Suciu’s Extreme Story Compilation, filmed by Matt Schleyer, Justin Albert, Walker Ryan, Ian Coughland, David Lougedo, Frankie Spears, Frank Gerwer, Jasen Heredia, Shaun Baptista, Danny Nguyen, Andy Licardi, Jack Fardell, Jiro Platt, Brendan Bill, and Tim Hans, above!

Check out Suciu’s epic BATB 13 Round 1 Battle against Chris Cole, below!

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