Matt Miller Talks About His New Chapter After Pro Skating

Richie Valdez‘s ‘The Other Side’ documentary series profiles individuals in transition, embarking on new and exciting journeys, and the Welcome team manager scored big time with the show’s latest episode featuring Matt Miller. After recently retiring from professional skating, Miller moved into a career in real estate (taking after his mother), and in fact finding people homes has become something of an obsession for him. “Real estate is my skating now. I literally get up, think about real estate… go home and watch real estate videos,” Miller says in the profile. “I’m like a kid nerding out on it!” As a former professional athlete, he’s also discovered that he’s uniquely suited for the corporate life. Fail all day, then get a hugely satisfying win—that’s business/skating in a nutshell.

We’ve worked with Miller on numerous projects over the years, including an incredible Battle Commander. Watch a handful of his videos, below:

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