Watch Michael Bell’s ‘Holy Field’ Full-Length Here

Filmer Michael Bell recently premiered his full-length Holy Field in LA (Jahzeal Bell‘s part was the first to get a digital release), and it came out swinging. And much like the eponymous real-life Evander Holyfield, Bell’s full-length will bite your ear off with its soundtrack (including a song by Na-Kel Smith). Michael Bell’s Holy Field full-length also features Tislam Smith, Spencer Semien, Ron Hawkins, Lester Singleton, Elliot Murphy, Greg Valencia, Brian Hastings, Andrew Valencia, and Brent Menchaca. (FYI: There are graphic scenes in this video… tight!)

Check out Semien’s most recent Berrics parts—’Hoops’ and ‘Catnip’—below:

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