Monster Energy Releases All-New Drone Edit

Drones have come a long way over the past few years, and so has drone filming in skate videos. Not too long ago, when the filmer busted out a drone it would suddenly sound like a swarm of locusts entered the sesh. Not so these days: You can go full God-eye and a skater (wearing Airpods) would be none the wiser. Monster Energy has been taking advantage of these advances in drone technology for its ‘Mirador’ series, which explores skate spots from on high and essentially makes you feel like you’re editing a Halo clip in free-camera mode. Team riders Gabriel Fortunato, Jorge Simoes, Marek Zaprazny, and Kevin Baekkel benefit from this eye in the sky in ‘Mirador II’—directed and edited by Marco Savino—above.

We featured Fortunato, who recently turned pro for Element, last year in our Next New Wave series, and ever since then he’s been participating in pretty much every event in skateboarding—from Street League to the King of MACBA Finals. Check out a few of his Berrics projects below:

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