Natas Kaupas Has The Time Of His Life In New Quiksilver Film

One of skateboarding’s pioneers, Natas muthafucking Kaupas, was recently filmed by Jake Burghart for Quiksilver’s ‘Blank Canvas’ video and we have to say—as old, nostalgic-ass skateboarders—it’s one of the coolest things we’ve seen. Prepare to dren tuo (that’s “nerd out” backwards… EVIL!!).

Here’s a little backstory for why this video is so awesome: In 1987, Santa Cruz Skateboards released Natas’s part in Wheels of Fire. No terrain was safe. Natas went higher (his pop was higher than that of most pros’… think Tiago Lemos on a surfboard) and pushed skateboarding to a new level with his part, laying the foundation of modern street skating. 35 years later, Kaupas is still skating, surfing, Tokyo drifting… all in a day’s work.

Watch the video, above!

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