Trajectory Next New Wave


The Next New Wave is about the future of skateboarding and who is responsible for taking us there. Brands have and always will be a driving force in what’s to come for skateboarding, and while it’s true new brands can sometimes make things a bit messy, if we as skateboarders back companies like WKND, we’re headed to a future worth skating for. WKND is built from skateboarders who draw inspiration from a time when skateboarding had a lot more humor and in many ways a lot more fun. Let’s give credit where credit is due, WKND produces some of the funniest videos and creative marketing we’ve seen in a long time. That being said, even though their videos make us laugh, their skating is all business. In fact, as a business WKND involves each of their riders on the ground floor with everything from design to shipping out boxes. The Next New Wave needs hands-on skateboarders to help guide the Trajectory of future brands to a place built from the pure enjoyments of riding a skateboard, but also from skateboarders willing to have a greater role in their representing companies. That’s how you create a family inside of the skateboarding industry, and that’s precisely why WKND is a must-have for The Next New Wave. So without further ado, it’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to the WKND.

To join The Next New Wave purchase WKND product in The Canteen. Available now!


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