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Nike SB Shares Copenhagen Pro 2023 Highlights

Ahh, the Copenhagen Open, the multi-day street skating contest across multiple locations with your favorite pros from across the world hitting up spots and taking over entire city blocks in the streets of Copenhagen. The annual event attracts crowds in the thousands at each stop and people travel from all over the world to attend. The crew from Pocket Skate Mag was there to capture all the action of Nike SB‘s team doing what they do best. From side missions with Hayley Wilson, Nicole Hause, Brian Anderson, Grant Taylor, Elissa Steamer, and Deedz, to sessions at 1UPHAGEN, Faelledparken Street and Bowl, CPH Skatepark, and Amager Strandpark with the Nike SB team, this 17 minute recap shows you just about everything you missed at this years Copenhagen Open.

Watch Nike SB’s Copenhagen Open 2023 Recap, filmed by Pocket’s Bennet Rahm, Enrique Mayor, and Johannes Schön, above, and check out some more coverage of this years CPH Open, below!

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