OJ’s Giovanni Vianna Has ‘Cab-bin Fever’

OJ Wheels’ Giovanni Vianna has ‘Cab-bin Fever,’ an affliction which affects skaters who feel that riding backwards is just forwards… but the other way. In the brand’s latest video, the Brazilian firecracker takes half-Cabs, Cabs, and Cab-and-a-halfs (shout out to Andrew Reynolds in Cop And a Half) to a fever pitch. When Steve Caballero invented his eponymous trick 39 years ago, who knew that it would have so many crazy variations? Or that “streetstyle skateboarding” would be a thing, for that matter? Watch the video, above!

Vianna has been working with The Berrics since back when he had long, lustrous firecracker-red locks. Check out some of his projects, below:

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