Watch The PHXAM 2021 ‘Wishing You Were Here’ Premiere Video Here

As we reported last month, Arizona’s Cowtown skateshop partnered with Vans for this year’s PHXAM contest, a digital event concept held at Glendale’s West Wind drive-in. ‘Wishing You Were Here’ featured riders from last year’s canceled PHXAM contest, each submitting up to 60 seconds of footage filmed at their local parks. On Saturday night, the top 10 winning skaters were featured in an edit that premiered there; Lazer Crawford took top honors. Watch the video, from Cowtown’s Instagram, below:

All proceeds from ‘Wishing You Were Here’ were donated to’s non-profit initiatives, like 2019’s Skateboard Angel program. Top ten results below:

01. Lazer Crawford

02. Masaki Hongo

03. Julian Christianson

04. Eric Clark

05. Gage Boyle

06. Jordan Powell

07. Trevor Theriault

08. Shane Short

09. Alexander Gould

10. Thomas Turner

The Berrics covered PHXAM in 2018, with Ivan Monteiro taking top honors at Desert West Skatepark. Check out our recap, below:

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