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Pocket Premieres Michael Mackrodt’s Fishing Lines “Fish Tasting” Part

Michael Mackrodt went fishing for clips in Portugal and hooked a brand new part to celebrate the launch of his new shoe company, “Fishing Lines.” Pocket magazine premiered “Fish Tasting” this week along with an interview with Mackrodt about launching his new shoe brand. Michael had the idea to start his own shoe company for over two decades and he was finally able to make it happen during the pandemic. Originally he had made a few sample pairs for himself, but saw the bigger picture and was able to make production happen on their first run of shoes. The company name, “Fishing Lines”, which is also the name of their ongoing video series, comes from the phrase, “To Fish Some Lines”. Michael runs the entire show (with the help from a few homies) and is excited to finally get his shoes out into the world. Make sure you read the interview with Mackrodt on Pocket, and check out the Fishing Lines Website to shop the new shoe brand!

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