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Pocket Skate Mag Spends the day in NYC with Karim Callender in ‘Followed’

Pocket Skate Mag continues their excellent day-in-the-life series, Followed,’ with Karim Abdul Callender. Pocket spends the day in NYC to get a home tour of Karim’s home before heading to Supreme to set up a new board and skate around all of Queens, see Karim’s stomping grounds to see where it all began, hit up spots he grew up skating, head to Manhattan where they meet up with Cyrus Bennett, Nik Stain, Max Palmer, Enzo Kurmaskie, Johnny Wilson and the rest of the Limosine crew, before ending the day with some classic NYC pizza. Watch the full episode, above!

Pocket Skate Mag kicked off their ‘Followed’ series back in 2018 with the one and only Carlos Ribeiro. Check out some more memorable episodes from ‘Followed’, below.

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