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Pocket Skate Mag Spends The Day With Gabriel Summers in ‘Followed’

Pocket Skate Mag is back again with another episode of their day-in-the-life series, Followed,’ with Gabriel Summers for their first episode from Down Under. Take a casual tour of Gabriel’s stomping grounds, whip up a homemade breakfast at his abode, hit up the local skate park, explore a few classic skate spots and some history behind them, before closing the day out with an epic reference trick, all while keeping the commentary coming on the lav for Pocket Skate Mag.For someone who skates spots as gnarly as Gabriel does, you wouldn’t expect him to be this chill…

Watch the latest episode of ‘Followed,’ filmed by Neihana Tonkin and edited by Makke Bengtsson, above!

Pocket Skate Mag kicked off their ‘Followed’ series back in 2018 with the one and only Carlos Ribeiro. Check out some more memorable episodes from ‘Followed’, below.

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