Populist 2014 Populist 2014

POPULIST 2014 — Felipe Gustavo

It’s a wonder that Felipe Gustavo can sleep at night. The level of technical perfection he requires of himself would give most people insomnia. Yet he possesses the precision to roll away from the most technical moves of 2014, not just once, but lines’ worth … whole video parts’ worth. In his first place winning Run & Gun 2014 run (making him 2 for 2 for R&G as a whole), he packed ten tricks in a 60 second run, most of which were flip in, switch, or nollie. His Plan B TRUE part definitely qualified him as the tech rep of the crew, and did a mighty fine job to quench the thirst of ledge connoisseurs worldwide. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, he won his way into Street League at the SLS Pro Open, made Finals in just about every major contest circuit, and filmed countless segments on The Berrics. It’s been a good year, Felipe, rest assured. 


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