Powell-Peralta Spends a Day With Andy Anderson

Powell-Peralta‘s Andy Anderson is a truly one-of-a-kind pro, with an absurdly advanced awareness of his environment when he’s skating. Hell, in his latest video filmed at The Berrics—’It Must Be Nice,’ below—Anderson uncovered at least a dozen new ways of approached our humble world-famous park (and he no doubt thought up dozens more… maybe next time). The helmeted one was followed by Powell-Peralta for a day in our neck of the woods recently, but the 38-minute edit does little to shed light on the mystery that is Andy Anderson (or “&y &erson”). You do get to see him got an education on LA’s art scene, though, and it’s awesome seeing him interact with fans. Wait, could Anderson’s skating be considered art? Whoa.

Watch a handful of this helmeted hellion’s projects with us below:

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