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Primitive Premieres DEFINE: Behind The Missions Ep. 3 – Carlos Ribeiro

In the third episode of Primitive‘s DEFINE: Behind the Missions, Carlos Ribeiro takes us behind the scenes of his incredible last part for DEFINE. Carlos reveals his strategic approach of prioritizing his enders early on during the filming process and dives into the dynamic between Miles and Carlos, uncovering how their connection led to numerous crucial filming missions for the video. While satisfied with his part, Carlos shares his desire to have filmed more, which unfortunately came to an abrupt halt due to a devastating ankle injury. Discover the untold stories and challenges faced by Carlos in this insightful episode of DEFINE. Behind The Missions,

Watch the third episode of ‘DEFINE: Behind The Missions,’ directed and edited by Alan Hannon—above, and then shop our selection of Primitive products in The Canteen!

Check out some of our work with Carlos Ribeiro and the rest of the Primitive team, below:

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