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Primitive Premieres Miles Silvas DEFINE ‘Unmastered’ Part

After Primitive dropped their full-length masterpiece, DEFINE, just over a year ago the world was left speechless… and wanting more. Fortunately we’ve gotten to see some behind the scenes action in their Behind The Missions series and this weekend Primitive treated us to the ‘Unmastered’ raw cut of Miles Silvas in ‘DEFINE’. Savor the RAW flavor of Silvas’s silky smooth style, powerful pop, and extreme technical prowess as he puts together one of his best parts for Primitive. Watch Miles DEFINE ‘Unmastered’ part, filmed by Alex Kissinger, Eric Iwakura, Alan Hannon, Matt Mullen, and Sebastian Reetz, above!

We’ve been lucky enough to work with Miles Silvas for a long time now. Check out his 4 part PUSH series, and more videos with the Primitive team, below!

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