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“*AMMO* is a lifestyle currently being represented by a *TROOP* of 4 generations of skateboarding. A ‘team’ has a specific number and certain rolls designated to them, a ‘troop’ can be any size and has many different rolls that collectively make up its strength. A photographer’s *AMMO* is his camera, a musician’s *AMMO* his instrument of choice, an artist’s his paint, a skateboarder his board, etc… *AMMO* represents anyone who is making their way through life by the means of their passion, their natural gift, or even a talent they may have learned. This is not just about ink on hats, tees, and wood, a great camera, some tricks, and who’s the best, but rather a mentorship program to help people use what they got to do their best in LIFE. There are too many brands, not enough *AMMO*. WHAT’S YOUR *AMMO*!?” —Felix Arguelles 

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