On Yesterday’s Ebro In The Morning on New York’s Hot 97, Ebro Darden asserts that the Pusha T versus Drake beef stems back to an incident in 2001 when Pharrell Williams was not paid by Cash Money Records for Birdman’s “What Happened to That Boy” beat. According to Darden, that situation escalated when Lil Wayne began his foray into to skate culture and wore Pharrell’s BBC line in a video against his wishes. This would have been smack dab in the middle of the Skateboard P / Ice Cream Footwear era.

The Pusha going at Cash Money / Young Money goes all the way back to 2001 with “What Happened to That Boy,” which was produced by Pharrell. And it had The Clipse on it, [and] Mannie Fresh. There was a non-payment at this moment. And if you look back, Pharrell never worked with a Cash Money artist [again] after this moment. Then, you fast forward to Lil Wayne co-opting the skateboard stylings. [He started] wearing BAPE after this moment, wearing Billionaire Boys Club—which is Pharrell’s clothing line. And I’m told that Lil Wayne used to ask for Billionaire’s Boys Club gear and was told no. Then [he] wore it in a video anyway. They said, “We told you not to wear our stuff.” And it was, like, an issue.

Regardless of its origin, the Pusha and Drizzy beef is right up there with Nas and Jay Z’s classic feud. If you need to catch up, listen to Pusha’s “Infrared,” Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle,” and Pusha’s “The Story of Adidon” below. We, along with the rest of the world, are patiently waiting for Drake’s response. Ebro talks about the origin of the beef at 0:44 above.

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