Ronnie Sandoval, featured in The Berrics’ first In Transition contest in 2014, recently took a heavy slam which will keep him out of commission for a while. The clip (filmed by Rye Beres) appeared on his Instagram a few days ago. It’s absolutely excruciating to watch.

We don’t take pleasure in showing clips like this, lest it be misconstrued as capitalizing on someone else’s pain. But we love Sandoval, and seeing how he reacted calmly to the slam (which is supported by his revealing Insta caption) only strengthens our impression that he’s a machine and will be back at it much sooner than we expect. Here’s the caption for the first post below:

Ill never stop and I’ll never give up… skateboarding is a hard game. sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. @bonelesszine I can’t wait to be back and thank you again for all of the love and support from everyone. I can’t thank all of you enough.

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Rye Beres’s post below:

Not a fan of posting slams, but this dude is a trouper!

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