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Free Skate Mag Releases Ryuhei Kitazume’s ‘Meet You There’ Part by Anthony Claravall

Free Skate Mag dropped a banger this morning with Ryuhei Kitazume‘s “Meet You There” part by Anthony Claravall. Ryuhei grew up skating Sega Mae, aka the EMB of Shonan, Japan, which explains why he has so much pop, power, and style. Recently Japan has cracked down on street skating and has made the spot extremely difficult to skate. After spending most of the pandemic at Sega Mae, Ryuhei was able to travel to Barcelona to link up with filmer Anthony Claravall to film his “Meet You There” part while shooting an interview with Free.

Watch the full part, above, and check out Ryuhei’s Interview with words from Anthony Claravall now on the Free Skate Mag Site!

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