This Is How Santa Cruz’s Eric Dressen Met World Champ Misugu Okamoto

Ever since Santa Cruz‘s Eric Dressen turned pro in the ’80s, he’s been keeping an eye out for raw talent and even mentoring the youngbloods. When he first saw a video of Women’s Park Skateboarding Champion Misugu Okamoto he just assumed that she was riding for his sponsor, judging by the telltale red dot adorning all of her gear. When Dressen found out she was buying it all herself he quickly got on the horn and hooked it up—Okamoto has gone on to rack up eight world titles in a row (so far), all while riding Santa Cruz.

In the brand’s latest episode of ‘What I Ride’, Dressen recounts the full story of how Okamoto got on his radar and why his own sponsorship story mirrors hers. Watch the full video above, and check out our selection of Santa Cruz products in The Canteen!

Check out some of Santa Cruz’s recent work with us, below:

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